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Welcome to Sail Caledonia

The Great Glen Raids - which later became Sail Caledonia - were wonderful intense experiences. They seemed like a season’s worth of sailing crammed in to a week.” Iain Oughtred, boat designer (Water Craft magazine no. 111).

Who amongst you has the grit, determination, time, enthusiasm and sheer love of sail and oar events to help organise and run the iconic event that is Sail Caledonia?

After 20 years, the current organisers are retiring to pastures new. However, the Great Glen Boating Club still exists, along with some money, a marquee, a trailer and the legacy of having run this fantastic raid. Help us create the next chapter for Sail Caledonia. The outgoing committee stands ready to assist those new organisers who take on the challenge to continue Sail Caledonia’s legacy.

Interested? Get in touch to find out more:

Sail Caledonia was again a most enjoyable event with great camaraderie between all boats, crews and support staff. Anyone who appreciates stimulating company, laughter, live music, good food, occasionally challenging sailing, interesting small boats and a memorable experience should come.” Matthew Peacock, winning skipper.